Contact lens care and maintenance

In Disop we are mainly devoted to manufacturing products for looking after contact lenses.

Correctly looking after contact lenses is very important to guarantee the total satisfaction of the patient who decides to wear contact lenses to correct his or her sight.

Looking after the lenses correctly prevents possible neglect and ensures their good quality during the time they are used.

In Disop we design, produce and provide professionals with a very wide range of products for looking after contact lenses.

We attempt to offer the best solution for each type of lenses, permanently adapting ourselves to new user habits and needs.

We like innovating. That is why we have entirely developed the formulas of all of our products, why we have several international patents, why our packaging is unique, and why our product catalogue for looking after contact lenses is possibly the largest in the world.

Eye health

The Disop offer includes a family called Acuaiss that is designed to satisfy the needs of any user worried about looking after his or her eyes, whether he or she wears contact lenses or not. That is why we offer the professional a complete eye health line.

Contact lenses

Although our main strength lies in manufacturing products for looking after lenses, we also offer our clients all the possibilities for adaptation in frequently replaced contact lenses, including in such innovative materials as silicone hydrogel.

Products for sports

We also have experience in the treatment of optic surfaces and have several types of glasses cleaners that have been on the market for some time.

This has enabled us to tackle the problem of looking after sports eyewear in difficult situations, such as those related to certain sports such as skiing or paintball. Hence, we have developed a specific range of products for sports eyewear users.